After the fourth round, each team started re-grouping to strategize for the final elimination round. The Dragons, which already completed all its elimination matches, was at the top of the graph at 26 points. In round 5, Aguilas needed 9 wins, Warriors 7 and Thunders 8, to get pass Dragons’ 26 points and secure a place in the championship round, since they were all defeated by Dragons during the rounds that they met - each of them

3. Round 3 – this was a tightly fought round among the four teams playing, with Dragons and Aguilas winning only 1 point over the Warriors and Thunders, respectively. Vipers on bye.

4. Round 4 – the Vipers suffered a heavy loss against Warriors at 5-8, while Dragons and Aguilas fought another tight battle at 7-6. Thunders on bye.



Established in 2009 by a Filipino group of recreational  badminton players, PBCA has evolved into a big and diversified group of fun-loving, friendly, and  family-oriented sports enthusiasts who love and play the game of badminton with passion, skill, and a healthy dose of competitiveness.





The Visayas Vipers made a record-breaking victory when it crushed reigning Carlo’s Cup champ NCR Dragons at a score of 180-160 in the just concluded Ismashan 2014, which was held for the first time at the San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club II in Pomona, California under the leadership of new PBCA President Mabel Villanueva.

The Vipers has consistently placed second only in five of the nine team tournaments where it has competed in the championship round, so much so that the team came to be regarded as cursed. But last Saturday, cursed or not, the Vipers surely sprang out of its second fiddle status and finally captured the gold after a series of frustrating defeats in Carlos Cup Series 2011, 2012, and 2014 and Ismashan Series 2011 and 2013.

Like in previous team tournaments, the elimination rounds – especially the fifth round – are filled with excitement and mounting pressures on the teams as they compete to reach the championship round that promises the much coveted title of team champion to the victor. Here is how the teams fared in the first four rounds, each round was up for grabs at 13 points:

1. Round 1 – it was a neck and neck fight between NCR Dragons and CAR Thunders with a score of 7-6, while Visayas Vipers took a lopsided win against Luzon Aguilas at 8-5. Mindanao Warriors on bye.

2. Round 2 – the Vipers’ strong lead continued by replicating its score of 8 against Dragons, while Thunders recovered from its first round loss by winning a close fight against Warriors at 7-6. Aguilas on bye.

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