Philippine Badminton Club of America

We are a group of badminton enthusiasts dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of badminton, both as a sport and recreational activity.  We enjoy playing badminton because it is fun, safe, healthy, and appropriate for most ages.

Our group also aims to develop friendships and camaraderie among its members as well as with other groups or individuals who play badminton.  Although we carry the Philippine name and colors, we are not only open to Filipinos but also to other nationalities, as in fact we have a diversified membership.  You only need to be interested in badminton, making friends, and be a good sport to qualify as a member.

There are a host of things that we do which energizes our club and strengthen the bond of our members, from training pools for both kids and adults, to fun and competitive tournaments, as well as exciting outdoor activities.

We regularly play at San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club located at 9255 Telstar Ave. El Monte, CA  91731.  So the next time you drop by Southern California or if you live nearby, gear up and feel free to join us.

Our regular play days and times are as follows:

1.  Tuesdays and Thursdays (5:00PM to 10:00PM)

2.  Saturdays (9:00AM to 2:00PM)

You may contact us by email (, Facebook, or by calling Mabel Villanueva at (818) 817 - 1307, our club President .

See you on the courts!

Our Club

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