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Philippine Badminton Club of America

PBCA Survival of the Fittest

An exclusive PBCA member’s only tournament on the ultimate test of badminton skills, stamina and endurance in the summer heat.

Who will fail? Who will reign and become the “ultimate survivors” in these long, grueling, epic badminton matches???

Join and find out if you can survive!  JULY 26--- MARK IT!!!

Tournament Details:

-  MD events: E/E, D/D, and C/C
-  WD events: E/E, D/D, C/C
-  Round-robin/double- round robin depends on number of entries per event.
-  Events/Levels are based on number of entries. Levels/events are subject to change per discretion of leveling committee.
-  1 event per player.
-  BYOB (Bring your own birdie) Yonex AS-15 or its equivalent. Players have the right to inspect opponent’s shuttles.
-  Match winner keeps the birdies.
-  Players are required to wear at all white athletic clothing.
-  Tournament fee $25 for PBCA members/ $10 for PBCA Junior members 16 and below.


-  Match consists of best of 3 games. Rally scoring, Deuce scoring implemented per IBF rule.  Maximum points per set – 30 pts.
-  When one side reaches 11 points, both players get a 60 second break.
-  Both sides get a 1-minute break between first and second games, and another 1-minute break between second and third game.
-  Injury time out for 5 minutes on the same game or match. Team/player will be automatically disqualified after succeeding injury on the same game or match.
-  BWF rules will be implemented.

*** Cash prizes for Champions
*** Surprise prizes for crowned “Survivors”!!!


Please register through the link below: